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W.Nr.2.4816 Hex Nuts

W.Nr.2.4816 Hex Nuts
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BDF can offer you good quality W.Nr.2.4816 hex nuts, W.Nr.2.4816 hex heavy nuts, W.Nr.2.4816 nylon lock nuts, W.Nr.2.4816 hex jam nuts etc. Our standards/specifications covers ASTM, ASME, DIN, ISO. Such as DIN934, 5587, ISO4032, ISO4033, ASME/AISI 18.2.2 etc. We can also manufacture all shapes of non-standard hastelloy nuts according to customers’ drawing. BDF is able to produce a wide range of sizes nuts by cold or hot forging. The diameter of nuts ranges from M6-M80 in Metric and 5/16” to 3 1/2” in Inch. BDF had kept some common sized nuts in stock.

W.Nr.2.4816 alloy has satisfactory thermal strength and high plasticity below 700 °C. The alloy can be strengthened by cold working, and it is suitable for making anti-oxidation parts with low load below 1100 °C.

Similar grades:

GH3600, GH600 (China), NC15Fe (France), W.Nr.2.4816, NiCr15Fe (Germany), NA14 (UK) Inconel600, UNS NO6600 (USA) NiCr15Fe8 (ISO)

Feature editing:

● Has good resistance to reduction, oxidation and nitridation medium corrosion

●Good resistance to stress corrosion cracking at room temperature and high temperature

● Has good resistance to dry chlorine and hydrogen chloride gas corrosion

●Good mechanical properties at subzero, room temperature and high temperature 􀁺

Since it has good creep rupture strength for carbon content and grain size control, it is recommended to work in a working environment above 700 °C.

If our hex nuts caters to your requirement, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers and suppliers. Highly qualified products, competitive price and good after-sale service can be assured.