Incoloy Bolts

UNS N08810 Bolts

UNS N08810 Bolts
Product Details

BDF can offer you good quality UNS N08810 hex head bolts, UNS N08810 socket head/allen bolts, UNS N08810 hex cap screws, UNS N08810 hex heavy bolts… in full thread or half thread. Our standards/specifications covers ASTM, ASME, DIN, ISO. Such as DIN933, DIN931, DIN912, ISO4014, ISO4017, ASME/AISI 18.2.1 etc. We can also manufacture all shapes of non-standard hastelloy bolts according to customers’ drawing. BDF is able to produce a wide range of sizes bolts by cold or hot forging. The diameter of bolts ranges from M6-M80 in Metric and 5/16” to 3 1/2” in Inch, and length can be up to 1000mm for bolts.

Minimum mechanical properties:


tensile strength

Rm N/mm2

Yield Strength



A5 %






1. Excellent corrosion resistance in extremely high temperature aqueous media up to 500 ° C

2. Very good resistance to stress corrosion

3. Very good processability

Application areas:

1. Nitric acid condenser - resistant to nitric acid corrosion

2. Steam heating tube - good mechanical properties

3. Heating element tube - good mechanical properties

If our uns n08810 bolts caters to your requirement, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers and suppliers. Highly qualified products, competitive price and good after-sale service can be assured.